Investing in real estate in Bulgaria

The upturn in the Bulgarian economic climate, coupled with the preferential conditions and guarantees for foreign investors, has generated excellent business opportunities and investment growth potential. The imminent acceptance of Bulgaria in the European Economic Community, with full integration planned between 2006 and 2008, is attracting more and more foreign investors to Bulgaria, providing unprecedented economic growth potential.

In July 2000, Bulgarian Property Law was changed to remove the restrictions on foreign investment in Bulgarianproperties and land. In common with other European countries, the only remaining requirement is to register the investor or investing company in Bulgaria before any transactions can take place and capital invested.

Bulgarian Properties Real Estate agency provides a personal service for each of its clients, whether a large corporate organisation or an individual investor. Each management package is tailored to meet the individual needs of the client across the client’s entire Bulgarian investment portfolio.

The client may select from the extensive range of services that the Bulgarian Properties Real Estate management plan can provide. These management services may include but can be expanded upon for individual clients:

– Collection of all rents due on properties, leased on behalf of the client, including the transfer of accumulated funds to the client’s overseas account.
– Arranging for payment of all local, national taxes, property and third party insurance’s and domestic services.
– Cleaning, maintenance and repair of the property as required
– For holiday homes, managing all leasing, cleaning and laundry services.

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