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Consider the typical demographic of holidaymakers to your area. Be sure that your property appeals to these groups in terms of size, facilities & location. Location, luxury facilities or external features such as pool or roof terrace will make a property stand out from the crowd.

Ensure you are allowed, legally to let the property on a short term basis. Ask someone other than the person or company you are buying the property from. Respond quickly & politely to enquiries with any suitable information they may need.

Provide a welcome pack for guests on arrival at your property. A bottle of wine & some basic food items are always welcome after a journey. If you have any late vacancies to fill, try e-mailing previous guests to offer them a special late deal.

Provide a guest book for visitor comments providing useful feedback & valuable testimonial comments to entice new guests. Keep up to date with local events & activities and get yourself listed with event organisers as this is often free.

Work with other owners. They may be the competitors, but if you, get an enquiry you can’t honour, someone nearby may have availability. They may return the favour another time. Keep an eye on the market and make sure your pricing and facilities remain up-to-date and competitive.

Marketing your property is the key to success. Owners should look to spend between 100 and 500 pounds on marketing a year. This should include: word of mouth, producing a simple flyer or brochure, advertising in magazines or on online portals and encouraging repeat business.

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