Koprivshtitza is a town in Western Bulgaria, in Sofia province. It is located in very beautiful mountain area along the Topolnitza river, 110 kilometers East from Sofia. Three times burned to the ground by the Ottomans, it has been rebuilt again and now is a town – museum, representing a lot of the Bulgarian history, culture and revival architecture.

There are many legends about this historical town. One of them says that it is created by refugees after the falling of the second Bulgarian kingdom under the Ottoman empire – big Bulgarian families, traders and shepherds. Among the shepherds settling the place have been three brothers: Lambo, Toroman and Arnaut, and they give the names of the existing today neighborhoods in the town: Toroman mahala, Lambovska mahala and Arnaut mahala.

There are a lot of places to visit: typical old revival houses like Stariradeva house, Pavlikyanska, Doganova, Mlachkova, Markova and Chalakova houses. There are house – museums of famous historical persons connected with this place like Lyuben Karavelov, Dimcho Debelyanov, Todor Kableshkov and Georgy Benkovsky. Another historical places are the two churches, the old school open in 1837 and the bridge “First shot”, where is made the first shot in the rebel against the turks in April 1876. There are a lot of small house type hotels where you can feel the spirit of the Bulgarian history and revival.

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