Khan Krum is Bulgarian monarch from the middle ages, that came to the throne after Kardam. During his rule Bulgaria strengths its influence and power on the Balkans and Europe and the Bulgarian lands enlarge, thanks to the victories on the battlefield. Krum gives power to the Slavs, leads the first general laws in the First Bulgarian kingdom and begins administrative reforms.

The rule of Krum begins in 803 and is most known with the strong laws against the criminals, and with the battles against Byzantine and its monarch Nikiphor.

The battles begin in 807, when the Greek emperor Nikiphor begins offense against Bulgaria, aiming to conquer the country, affected by the previous conquering of Transylvania by the Bulgarians, and worried that Bulgaria could send help to the rioting Slavs in Pelopones. This offense reaches only Odrin, after that Nikiphor must return to Constantinople because of rumors for preparing of take – over. This gives Krum the opportunity to counterattack and to conquer the city of Serdika.

In 811 Nikiphor gathers huge and elite troops near the fortress of Markelli. He conquers the most Bulgarian territories and even the capital Pliska, but underestimates the Bulgarian power, and is surrounded and killed on 26th of July. Krum counterattacks and reaches the capital Constantinople, but dies on 13th of April 814.

Along with the successes on the battlefield, Krum leads very successful internal politic. The new laws and the administrative reforms lead to very strong Bulgarian country, respected on the Balkans and whole Europe.

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