The village of Krushuna is located on the North end of Stara Planina mountain, 34 kilometers East from the province center Lovech. It is part of Letnitza municipality and is located on the middle flood of Osum river.

In the South part of the village is located the area Maarata. This natural phenomenon includes huge rocks, the Maarata river that forms unique 15 meters high waterfall.

There are four caves in the area: Boninskata (2753 m.) , Vodopada (1995 m.) , Urushka (1600m.) and Gornik (1080 m.).

If you are interested of caves you must visit the Devetashka cave. It is located on the right side of Osum river. The cave is very impressive with it’s huge sizes. The entrance that is 35 meters wide and 30 meters high leads to a huge hall with area of 2400 square meters. This is the cave with the largest foyer in Europe.

On some places the cave is 100 meters high. Something else that make the cave very interesting are the seven openings on the roof through which comes natural light and lightens the main hall and part of the both branches of the cave.

After the main hall the cave separates on two branches. The left is 2.5 kilometers long and through it runs a small river that forms some small lakes and waterfalls, and in the end floods into the Osum river. The right branch is smaller and dry and leads to a round hall called The Altair.

Because of the good conditions: shelter, big sizes, natural light, small river, the cave has been used as a place for living in many ages.

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