“Lazy” real estate market

No surprises are expected in the market of Bulgarian properties in the year of 2013. The expectations of the experts involved in the business are for holding on the same levels of deals as before, low crediting and lack of high quality real estates.

As a positive phenomenon can be described the stability of the market, and as potential risks: the incoming elections, the high level of unemployment and the slower than expected recovery of the European economy. These expectations will influence both the local buyers and the foreigners who intend removal to Bulgaria.

As in the last year, active deals are expected in the low and middle rate class. For the real estates in Sofia it means 25 – 30 000 EUR and 60 – 70 000 EUR. In the first category are the one and sometimes two bedroom flats in the suburbs of the city, in the second – the three bedroom flats.

Since the spring of 2012 the interest for three bedroom flats rises as the seeking of two bedroom ones decreases. Analysis say that in the last year the living needs lead the Bulgarian real estate market, for what the biggest flats are more useful. This is why the interest of flats with area 80 – 110 square meters rises, but on rates up to 60 000 EUR.

The clients are more pragmatic than in the last years, when the interest was for small flats. The back reports from buyers who already bought one bedroom flats are, that these estates are not functional, especially in case of birth of new child. In these case most of these families will use the services of some moving company in Sofia.

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