Life in Bulgarian villages

Almost all traditions and culture that form the Bulgarian habit are born in the villages. Since 1944, when the communists begin the industrial reforms and the urbanization, almost 80 % of the population of Bulgaria is located in the villages, but in our days this percent is less than 30. This total demographic decline leads to many unpleasant views: empty houses and streets, abandoned schools, no economic activities, no access to medical services or even to shopping.

The life in the villages is not easy, especially in the small ones. If you choose to live in a small Bulgarian village, you must prepare for many conditions that will make your life hard. In most villages the schools are closed, so if you have children, they must travel every day to the nearest town and back. If there is some shop in the village at all, it suggests only some main things – bread, salt, etc. In case of heavy winter these shops can not be supplied with stocks, sometimes the bus transport and the electricity stop too. Maybe the worst problem is the lack of medical care, and especially of emergency medical care. If you must wait ambulance from the nearest town, there can be a big problem.

But after all, along with all these problems, living in a small cute Bulgarian village can be a real magic.

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