Living quarters in Sofia without metro lines for the next 15 years

When buying property there are a lot of factors that form the final choice. Here is some information about one of them: the existing and planned for the next ten years lines of the Sofia metro.

The plans for the Sofia metro until year of 2020 are clear. What will happen after that, will be built new metro lines and living quarters around them or not it is hard to say. Even if there will be, they will be in exploitation after 2025. The presence or absence of metro is very important, it can change the whole attitudes and intentions for investing in home, office or shopping area. So, it is good to know what will happen in the next 7 – 8 years.

At this moment one metro line is in use – from Obelya to Mladost living quarters. There are building activities at the both final stations: from Obelya to Tolstoy: 3 metro stations and from Mladost to Drujba: 2 metro stations. In fact, the metro will reach near Drujba living quarter – the metro station will be at the International Expo Center. These both metro lines are financed by the European Development Bank. A longer metro line is under construction too: from Tolstoy living quarter to Lozenetz: the last metro station will be in front of Hemus hotel; and this line is financed by the EU funds.

What is the situation after year 2012? Two main lines are planned. The longer is from the Sofia Airport to Business Park Sofia (on the ring road), the shorter is sequel of the line from Hemus hotel to Hladilnika living quarter. The financing is not clear, the idea is to be by the EU funds.

So, based on these data, which living quarters will be without metro at least to 2025? The first district is formed by all living quarters from the city center along the Tzar Boris III boulevard: Krasna Polyana, Lagera,Hipodruma, Beli Brezi, Strelbishte, Ivan Vazov, Gotze Delchev, Manastirski Livadi, Borovo, Krasno Selo, Slavia, Ovcha Koupel, Buckston, Kniazhevo.

The second district with no metro lines is the Northern: the living quarters Orlandovtzi, Malashevtzi, Hadji Dimitar, Poduene,Levski, Hristo Botev, Slatina and Hristo Smirnenski. Close to the metro lines, but without direct link are the living quarters Geo Milev, Sveta Troitza, Razsadnika, Zaharna Fabrika and Moderno predgradie.

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