Lovech province

Bulgaria is administratively separated on 28 provinces. Lovech province is located in Central North Bulgaria. The province has borders with Pleven, Veliko Tarnovo, Gabrovo, Plovdiv, Sofia and Vratza provinces. The terrain is combined with planes and hills. The nature is very rich in this province, where Stara Planina mountain and Danube plane are meeting. In the region are the rivers Vit, Osam, Vidima and many tributaries.In the Lovech province territory are located 8 nature reserves and protected areas like Steneto (one of the biggest in Bulgaria) , Boatin i Carichina, and a big part of Central Balkan national park.

The area contents a lot of karst springs and caves: Devetashka cave, Saeva Dupka cave, the caves in the area of Karlukovo, Tabashka and Vassil Levski caves near Lovech.
In the province there are over 600 cultural monuments, many of them dating from the times of the middle ages and the Revival – Glojene and Troyan monasteries, Varosha architectural reserve, the covered bridge in Lovech made by the famous revival builder Kolyu Ficheto. The oldest cultural monuments date from the Paleolithic and have been found in the caves Devetashka and Temnata Dupka near Karlukovo. The Lukovit silver treasure is very famous too, it is amazing products of the Thracian arts.

Mineral springs can be found in the villages of Shipkovo, Slivek and Krushuna, also in the mountain resort towns Teteven, Troyan, Apriltzi, in the villages of Ribaritza, Oreshak, Cherni Osam, and inthe Beklemeto area.

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