Measures of Precaution and Practicalities in Bulgaria

To ensure safety for their valuables, personal things, money and vehicles, and to avoid being cheated, foreign travelers and holidaymakers are strongly advised and to keep in mind and observe the following:

• Never fall back upon the “services” of fortuitous people, offering you to change your currency in leva, or vice versa, on attractive exchange rates, right in the street or outside near authorized currency dealers.

• Be sure to leave your car on parking lots with security provided round the-clock.

• Keep an eye on and always with you your valuables; never fail to pick them up with you if you’re going to park temporarily or leave your car unattended. Beware of pickpockets, no doubt whatsoever, they’re present somewhere around you at marketplaces, busy streets and places, or riding the public transport near you. Avoid having much cash money with you; keep your identification and other personal papers with you in a safe pocket; handbags or shopping bags are insecure and highly vulnerable; valuables are best kept for longer time in the strong-room of the hotel.

• Take care to shun encounters with accidental people, introducing themselves as sociable businessmen, or trying to induce you into buying items whatsoever. If you’re buying bottled spirits, be sure to check for excise labels available on them, otherwise you’re running the risk to buy a counterfeit.

• Never embark on mountain hiking tours alone but always in groups with a native guide, repeatedly proven as an experienced connoisseur of local routes. Weather in highland is unstable and tends to sudden changes, so be sure to wear warm clothing or alpine outfits, if required in a particular case; follow or keep close to signposted footpaths and trails in high mountain, put on and walk in warm and fitting hiking boots; food supplies for a couple of days should be with you throughout the time of the outing, as well as safety matches, a torch, pocket knife, minimum first aid medicines, rain-proof or watertight outfit if needed. In winter season, with fogs and copious snowfall be on alert for avalanches and floods.

• If you choose the seaside resorts for holidaymaking, be wise to take your sunbathing and go swimming on appointed beaches, staffed with professional life-guards; never overestimate your swimming skills and abilities, keep close by other swimming people; use authorized boats and motorboats for outings at sea.

• If you happen to be a lover of hiking tours or watching wildlife in natural reservations and other protected areas, be sure to remember you’re taking on yourself a strong commitment to keep the nature clean and unaltered for the people to come next.

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