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Building Bulgaria Ltd. – your one way stop providing building services in Bulgaria, excellent specialized in creation of new constructions and renovation of old rural houses. Our professional team is committed to provide the best services to its clients.

Whether you are a private owner or a property developer looking for building services in Bulgaria, whether you want to transform your old house in dream home for holiday time or to make a quick profit by building and selling of a new construction in Bulgaria, Building Bulgaria is responsible to support you and satisfy your wishes in all aspects of the building in Bulgaria.

The property prices incensement (average 70 per cent during 2005 and more then 30 per cent during 2006) gives easy and quick profit to investors.

Many investment funds are focusing on Bulgaria as a destination; the expected property incensement for the next few years is average of 10 to 15 per cent.

Developments vary from apartment blocks and hotels to modern luxury complexes with swimming pools, solariums, restaurants and a host of other facilities, as well rural houses and Bulgarian properties in peaceful countryside.

If you already have a project for your new construction or if you still need one, Building Bulgaria is here to support you and help you with all arrangements. We can support you during whole the building process from obtaining of building permission for building of property to its full completion.

If you are not sure of the location of your new construction to invest in or in type of building, Building Bulgaria with its building services in Bulgaria and long experience in construction and selling of brand new and old properties in Bulgaria would be happy to advice you.

If you wish to renovate the property you already bought then Building Bulgaria with its professional team of local builders can be your partner during the property transforming.

We can help you with the all aspects of renovation, refreshment and decoration like change of woodwork, painting, tiling, wiring, rendering, installing of new bathrooms and any particular repairs even with gardening.

Bulgarian Building has experienced at all sides of building services in Bulgaria. We are proud that we already have a lot of happy clients who have transformed their old houses in dream holiday properties with all modern amenities from sun rooms to swimming pools.

If you are warring about the renovation of your house, apartment or even industrial property if you are still dreaming of your holiday home in ski or beach resort or just in rural countryside there is only one step to take a rest. You can just let Building Bulgaria knows about your projects or just about your dreams and our professional team will help you with its advices in this sides. We will prepare a price quotation and if you are agree with it our professional builders will start working on your property. We will inform you about all the stages whether you are or you are not in Bulgaria. We give you the chance to select building materials and items according to your taste and wishes. Our mainly aim is to provide the clients the best service and to pay attention to all of them as the clients are the most important for us.

For more then seven years Building Bulgaria support their clients in all stages of building of new constructions or in changing of their old houses combining the old Bulgarian architecture with the amenities of the modern world.

What you are waiting for?

Make your dreams come true using the services of Building Bulgarian Ltd. whether you need consulting, property renovation, assessment in obtaining of building permission, particular or complete building service in Bulgaria just contact us. We are your non stop source of good building related ideas and your best partner in making your property related dreams come true.

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