Most new properties in the cities of Plovdiv, Varna and Burgas

Accordingly to new built real estates in Bulgaria , the capital Sofia was replaced by the cities of plovdiv, varna and Burgas in the last three months.

In this period in Sofia were started 49 buildings for living and 12 buildings with other (not administrative) functions. In Plovdiv were begun 84 living, 3 administrative and 38 buildings with other functions; in Varna: 85 living and 30 other – functional buildings, in Burgas: 59 living and 36 other buildings.

Accordingly to the same period of 2012, the new started buildings with living functions rise with 4.1 %, the flats in them – with 37.6 % and the complete built area – with 47 %. The number of new started administrative buildings rises with 61.5 %, but the complete built area shrinks with 33.2 %. The number of the started new buildings with other functions discharges with 9.7 % and the complete built area rises with 17.4 %.

Most licenses for creation of new buildings are issued in the provinces as following: Plovdiv – 169, Sofia (city) – 123, Burgas – 118, varna – 94.

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