Moving services in Bulgaria by Moving BG

Moving.BG is the best Bulgarian owned company for local and international removals. The removal company suggests quite competitive proportion between perfect quality and low rates. The main advantages are: careful personal attention to every customer; aggressive marketing strategy and very competitive rates.

The correct or wrong choice of some removal company can influence evidently the life after the removal. When you decide to choose the services of Moving.BG – an experienced Bulgarian company in the branch of the international removals and forwarding, and the leading company in Bulgaria for local removals, you can be sure, that you have made the right choice of moving company. It`s always important to find the experienced movers.

Choosing a moving company is very much an individual choice and your decision should be tailored to your actual needs. The best way to find a reliable moving company is by recommendation or reputation.

Moving.BG constantly earns experience and many satisfied customers. The expanding business and popularity is an evidence for the quality of the services of Moving.BG. The main principles, that are building the success of Moving.BG, are: correctness with the business partners and clients, respect for they selves and belongings. The company now performs successful international removals in every part of the world.

In all main parts of the successful removal: packing, handling, re/ assembling, storage, transport; the team of Moving.BG is prepared to perform an excellent service. Choosing the removal with Moving.BG will lead you to the conclusion, that the quality service is not obligatory quite expensive.

The company Moving.BG offers complete range of private and corporative international removal services. For more information, visit our website:

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