My summer holiday in Sozopol – Bulgaria

We found this place by chance. We were looking for a place to spend some days on the seaside and tired of going to Nessebar we decided to go to an agency and see what they offer. I wanted a calm spot without crowds and she offered us Arkutino…

The day had come so we collected the luggage and the three of us drove off early in the morning. I’m always skeptic about seaside holidays so that time the feeling wasn’t different. We reached Bourgas and drive to the road to the town of Sozopol as they had told us the hotel was on the road between Sozopol and Primorsko.

It wasn’t difficult to spot the place as the entrance of the complex was just on the right side of the road. We entered and parked the car – there was enough space for all the guests. Then we went to the reception and they gave us the key to our room. The hotel was small and the room itself was quite small for the three of us but everything was clean and the thing that impressed me most was that I could see the sea and the dunes of the beach.

My son is always in a hurry to take his first sunbathing so we went to the beach before we had unpacked our entire luggage. It was just 2 min walk across the dunes and we were on the beach. It cast a spell on me immediately – the sand was golden, there were few people on the beach and I felt like in paradise. The dunes behind us were covered with amazing plants – greenery on the top of them and sand lilies here and there.

Later on I learnt that the region is one of the National reserves in Bulgaria as there were great variety of rare plants and animals. I cannot tell you exactly their names but the unique beauty and serenity of the whole place is overwhelming. I’m a person that is more due to criticism but on that beach I was feeling in peace with myself and the entire world around me.

We spent most of the time on the beach having our lunch there although there was a restaurant near the beach. One evening we went on the beach and had a picnic. The sunrise, the sound of the waves coming and going back, the views revealing towards the Snake Island – everything was so serene and peaceful that I hardly can find words to describe the feeling. One has to experience it…

Next days we got to know that the Arkutino Swamp was just on the opposite side of the road so we went there one afternoon. Water lilies swans and unique plants….

That was my best summer holiday I have ever spent… it was some years ago. We keep on going there every year and I always pray that the place has still remained the same. Recently the price of the rooms in the hotel has risen so we go to Primorsko, find a hotel that we can afford and every day we travel to our place in Arkutino. It’s really worth because for me this is a magical place, a piece of heaven brought for us on Earth.

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