Not enough university degree people

The deal of people with high education in Bulgaria mus raise to 40 % until the year of 2020, advised from Brussels. This was announced in a special report for the high education performed by The European commission.

At this moment the university degree people in Bulgaria are 23.2 %. In 2004 they have been 21.7 % , and in 2008 – 22.8 %.

If Bulgaria futfills the European recommendation, after 19 years the university degree people will be twice more. This means the reception in the universities to be enlarged. Right now this is a big problem because of the demographic crysis.

From 2 – 3 years the universities in Bulgaria have free student positions. All university students in Bulgaria are 281 170, 60 523 graduated in 2010.

Accordinglyto the Bulgarian education experts, the only decision is people older than the high school graduation age to be involved in the universities. This can happen with different programmes.

The big trouble of Brussels is that Europe seriously falls behind USA and Japan. For example, from 4000 institutions in Europe only 200 are on the top places of the university rankings. Another problem is, that Europe gives only 1.3 % from the GDP for high education; in USA it is 2.7 %, in Japan – 1.5 %.

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