Nestinarstvo is ancient cult performed in Several villages in Strandzha region, near the Black sea. This is barefoot dancing over embers performed by nestinari in trance condition.


Usually the ritual is performed in the square of the village with all the local people watching. The official day of performing Nestinarstvo is the day of Sts. Constantine and Helen. This ritual is mix of Christian and ancient beliefs.

The right for nestinarstvo is given only to daughter or son and only after the parent is no more available to perform the dance.

In the 20 – th and 21 – st century the ritual got quite commercial and is used to attract foreign tourists all over the Bulgarian seaside. This has quite little with the real tradition. Only few Bulgarian perform the original and real ritual in some villages in Strandzha mountain.

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Office rent in Bulgaria

Bulgaria remains among the cheapest countries for office rent in Europe, says research of Cushman&Wakefield. The only countries with cheaper office rents in Europe are Cyprus, Croatia, Macedonia and Estonia. In the world ranking of these rates Bulgaria is on 60 – th place.


The average annual expenditure for office in the center of Sofia is 223 EUR per square meter. For example, this expenditure in London is 2122 EUR per year.

The low expenditures for office renting are one of the biggest advantages for attracting of investors. The office rent rates in Sofia are ten times cheaper than these in London, and also much cheaper than cities like Bucharest, Budapest and Warsaw.

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Growth of hotel property deals

The investor’s interest for buying hotel properties in Bulgaria and in Central and East Europe at all grows in 2013, show research of Cushman & Wakefield.


The phenomenon is valid for Bulgaria too, where in the last two years were sold two hotels from the highest category – Hilton and Radisson Blu.

In October 2013 the Sofia’s Hilton hotel was bought for 24 million EUR by the Bulgarian businessman Spas Rousseff after several months of negotiations with the Irish seller – Quinn Group. In 2012 the same person became owner of Radisson Blu Sofia.

In the first nine months of 2013 the value of all real estate deals was 54. 2 million EUR, and the most significant deal is right this one with Hilton Sofia.

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