Plovdiv – ancient and young

Plovdiv is the second largest city in Bulgaria with population of 338 153 people, which is 5 % of the population of the country. The population of the aglomeration is more than 570 000 people. The city is administrative center of Plovdiv province, Plovdiv municipality, Maritza munisipality and Rhodopy municipality.

It is located on the West part of Bulgarian Thracia, on the both coasts of Maritza river. It is 15 kilometers North from the Rhodopy mountain and 50 kilometers South from Stara Planina mountain. The city is built in the foot of seven hills, so it is also known as “city of the seven hills”.

Plovdiv is home of many economic and cultural events, such as the Plovdiv fair, the TV festival “Golden chest”, etc. There are a lot antique monuments sucha as the Antique theater, the Roman odeon, the Antique stadium, etc. Plovdiv is one of the oldest European cities and is old as Troy. The beginning of the city is about 4000 years B.C. It has a rich history and is influenced by the Thracian, Roman, Byzantian and the Othoman culture.

Today Plovdiv is one of the most important economical and cultural centers of Bulgaria. Good factors for this are the central location and the good infrastructure. There is international airport, the Thracia highway passing nearby, good system of roads and railways. In Plovdiv are produced 8.3 % of the national GDP, the fastest developing branches are trading, transport, communications, tourism.

In the South – West part of Plovdiv is built the biggest sport complex in Bulgaria including stadium for 55 000 people, the biggest canoeing base on the Balkans, covered swimming pools, open and covered tennis courts, atheltics track.

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