Post Offices and Telephones in Bulgaria

Post offices and telephone offices are available in all Bulgarian towns, recreation- and holidaymaking resorts, and the same applies for the most part of the villages. Large towns have, as a rule, one central or major Post office and a few smaller branches, or local post offices to serve certain areas. Letters can be posted and forwarded inland there with only a 25-50 stotinki worth of stamp (depending on the weight by the gramme) glued to the envelope. Country bound registered letters are charged less than 1 lev. Letters sent off home from Bulgaria will cost you 2-3 times more, sometimes even more, depending on the weight by the gramme and the country of addressee.

Small parcels can only be sent to foreign addressees using the major post offices for the most towns throughout the country; be sure to remember that these are liable to customs check up, whereby a customs declaration needs to be filled out. You’ll have to wrap up your parcel in keeping with the specified requirements at the post office, or the local post officers can do it for you (where that service is availabl1e) for a minimum cost.

To use public telephone services you’ll need two different and non interchangeable phone cards (identified by the names of the two major operators Mobika and Bulfon either employing a separate system). As a rule, public phones using phone cards are easily accessible in hotel lobbies, in- and outside public buildings, busy downtown places, in the suburbs either, etc. Long distance calls and international calls can be made using similar public phones and appropriate phone cards, to include those providing the service via Internet. To make a phone call, of any kind, you can use the on spot services at the local telephone office (usually attached to the post office and sharing the same edifice), where you’ll be assigned a separate cabin and pay afterwards at the appropriate counter.

International calls are made dialing 00 first, followed by the underlying country code, then phone-code of the settlement, and finally the particular subscriber’s telephone number.

Bulgaria has joined the worldwide network of digital cellular mobile phones. To buy a SIM-card you need to go to a specialized mobile sets and accessories selling shops, where you can choose between various tariffs on offer and cards of pre-paid services to suit your needs best.

Internet clubs are available in all major towns throughout the country, where you’ll be able to look in your e-mail Inbox, send an e-mail message, or use other Internet service options.

Bulgaria’s international phone code is + 359- …

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    Could you please give me any address of post office in Sofia from where parcels can be sent?

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