Prime Minister Boyko Borisov: the taxes will not be raised in the next year

The taxes in Bulgaria will not be raised, announced the Prime Minister Boyko Borisov for BTV. He also declined the possibility for another budget actualization until the end of the year.

The Prime Minister described the first year of the GERB government as total success- the pensions and salaries were not decreased, Bulgaria has one of the lowest budget deficits in EU, and the money from all European funds were recovered. Along with this the government has accomplished the promise given by the Socialist party for rising of pensions from 1st of July 2010, for what was needful 900 millions BGN, which were not intended in the budget.

“After the test what were the major elections in Gabrovo town, which GERB party won, I think the people very clear told do they agree with our politics or not.” The Prime Minister said. “The July report of the European commission will show is this year lost.” Commented Borisov too.

For hem the tax collecting is low as expected. “Now in whole Europe the tax collecting is low; the investors are missing in the crisis and the states don’t have from whom to collect their taxes” Borisov thinks.

“The healthcare reform started too slow.” Announced Borisov and added: “For 20 years the needful activities were not done. I had a dubious minister (Bojidar Nanev who was replaced with Anna- Maria Borisova as a healthcare minister) , i slowed the things with six months, let this be my only mistake.”

Lulin highway will be open until the end of this year, in 2012 will be open Thracia highway. “ announced the Prime Minister too.

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