Properties in Bulgarian villages

In the last years many foreigners relocated and found the beauty and peace of the Bulgarian villages. For the inhabitants of the big city, leading crazy and fast life there could not be better cure for the nerves and the brain than spending some time in a cute silent village, looking for a garden with vegetables, wandering over meadows and forests, etc. Most of the Bulgarian villages, mainly in the mountains are quiet and clear.

In many villages you can find ready for use luxury houses, renovated or new built, keeping the traditional Bulgarian architectural style.

Other way is to buy a cheap house in bad condition and to renovate it. Be careful with the companies that you will use for this, take some advices from neighbors or fellows if possible.

Vitally important is, when you buy some house in some village, to watch for the neighbors: if there are too many gypsies, just go away. Otherwise the expected paradise will become hell. Many foreigners already felt this and ran away from Bulgaria. The other people in the most cases are pleasant and nice neighbors ready to help you with everything.

Get informed if there are problems with the water or electricity supplying in the village, is it reachable in the deep snow in the winter, where is the nearest town where you can find medical help. If you have children you must understand where is the nearest school.

Along with these problems, the villages are still very good place for living

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