Property in Bulgaria as an investment

Why would you choose buying property in Bulgaria as an investment?

It is very simple. Bulgaria has so many things to offer, beautiful unspoilt countryside, long golden sands and wonderful mountain ranges. If you are person who is into adventure sports you can practice everything here from Skiing to windsurfing, from mountaineering to horse riding. You can come to relax and unwind, or you can push yourself to the limit. Bulgaria is changing and changing quickly.

Buying a property in Bulgaria is still a relatively cheap option and a great investment for the future. As Bulgaria becomes more and more known houses and land will become increasingly sought after. This has already proved to be the case on the Black Sea coast where property and land prices are already climbing.

This little known country is member of the European Community from 2007 having already joined NATO in 2004. In the wake of this change Bulgaria is experiencing an era of economic recovery and a property price boom is predicted.

Since 2003 Bulgarian properties prices have risen by 30% across the board and they continue to grow.

Many people already buying Bulgarian properties and English people in particular have found a welcoming community whether settling along the Black Sea Coast or in the small inland rural villages which offer attractive property investments, usually with large areas of land attached at very competitive prices.

There has never been a better time to invest in this lovely and unspoiled country; cheap Bulgarian property and land is abundant, whether you are looking for a large Bulgarian villa for your summer holiday, an apartment for winter ski breaks or an isolated, get away from it all home in the country in a remote village, Bulgaria has something for everyone.

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