Property Management services in Bulgaria

We do understand that buying a property in a country, where you do not speak the language and where even the alphabet is mysterious, reminding you of old movies about Russian almighty and evil spies, might be a confusing perspective, to say the least.

We have therefore listened to what our clients were concerned about and set up a package of services to give you an extra security that your newly purchased property will not vanish in the Balkan skies.

The property management package

Managing your limited company accounts, submitting your year-end accounts, as well as all necessary payments to the relevant tax office.

Management and arranging payments of all expenses associated with your property: council and building’s taxes and all utility bills you would like to maintain during your absence.

Arranging and maintaining all your property-related insurances, helping you in any claims applications.

Arranging various levels of security services. Understandably, most clients are concerned with the security of their investment. A number of reliable nation-wide security companies operate that can offer various levels of security services.

We will e-mail you every month an image of your property, so that you can be reassured that your Bulgarian property is there waiting for you.

We will inform you of any urgent repairs that need to be carried out whilst your are away (leaks, broken windows, roof problems, etc.) and we can recommend and arrange these to be carried out during your absence.

Property management service payments can be made conveniently in GBP to a UK-based account by direct monthly debit, avoiding any exchange rate or transfer costs. An online invoice will be sent to you every month.

The price of the Property Management package is €18.00 per calendar month. If you are interested or need further information please contact us. If you have any additional requests regarding the management of your property we will do our best to accommodate you.

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