Purchasing and Souvenirs in Bulgaria

Bulgaria has a well-developed countrywide network of shops and shopping centers, particularly for the most of the towns and primary resorts. The major of them have a department store, supermarkets, hali (or market halls) with a rich variety of commodities on wide offer. Typically, right off the central area of the towns are community department stores (locally named RUMs) and minor supermarkets.

Moreover, often to be seen downtown are the imposing shopping complexes of the Billa, Metro, HIT and further commercial chains. Busy shopping streets are quite a commonplace for the most of the town central areas, with an incredible variety of indigenous and imported goods on sale. In most of the towns, one or more marketplaces are readily to be found, normally crowded throughout the day and well after nightfall, where various, fairly low priced fruits, vegetables and foodstuff can be bought to suit any taste.

If you’re near or right within the downtown area, none or less effort would be needed to find a standalone souvenir shop, or a decent hotel with either premises or just a stall, where foreign visitors can buy from a rich choice of souvenir items to send or bring something as a keepsake home.

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  1. Mike@Cheap International Calls says:

    I visited Bulgaria on a trip with a business partner, just over a year ago now. The market stalls as you say are filled with great souvenirs and keep sakes, to reind you of a great coutry when you arrive home.

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