Removal of illegal properties

The destroying and removal of illegal properties in Bulgaria starts from the Iskar dam near Sofia and the Black sea strip. The National building control agency already published hundreds of orders for announcing of owners of illegally built houses which must be destroyed. Among them are houses and fences in the Sofia living quarter Boyana, near the Iskar dam, and in expensive living areas in the cities of Varna and Burgas.

The recognized illegal buildings in the whole country are about 1600, announced the minister of regional development Rosen Plevneliev. For 300 properties the orders for removal are already in charge and they will be destroyed soon. In the town of Nessebar six illegal floors and two shops are already destroyed, another 30 objects are in processing. In the area of the Ivaylovgrad dam there are 83 orders for 150 buildings, but most of them are objected.

In Varna region will be removed 20 buildings located on the beaches. One of them is Ramona hotel in the area of Cabacum landslide. All expenditures for the destroying of the illegal buildings will be insisted from the owners. Minister Plevneliev advised the owners to destroy their illegal properties by themselves, so they will keep the building materials: bricks, iron, etc., and they will not pay fines.

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