Removal to Bulgarian cities

If you need a job removal to Bulgaria, most – likely it will be in the capital Sofia or the next three biggest cities Plovdiv, Varna and Bourgas. A huge percent of the whole business in the country is concentrated in these Bulgaria cities, so the chance to have a job in multinational company operating in Bulgaria is biggest in these cities. Also, in these cities you can have professional moving service from companies like Moving.BG

Sofia is the capital and the absolute financial and business center of the country. Many international companies are represented there with their multinational stuff. There is a lot of choice to find your place in the city: you can choose luxury cooperations in the central part, so can be non – stop a part of the day and night life of the city. You can choose too closed complexes in elite areas lie Lozenetz, Iztok, Ivan Vazov and other. If you need calmness, good choice is a house somwhere in the foot of the mountain Vitosha: Boyana, Dragalevtzi, Simeonovo. If you have a car,a good choice is house in the surrounding villages like Pancharevo, Lozen, German, etc.

The third in population, but second by importance city in Bulgaria is Varna. If you need to relocate there, you and your family will have many comforts: seaside, a lot of malls and trade centers, beautiful main street, dolphinarium. The best areas to live in the city and the central part, Galata and Chaika living areas. Nearby are luxuri sea resorts like Golden sands, Sv. Konstantin i Elena.

The second populated city in Bulgaria is Plovdiv. This is acient city with culture from many civilizations. Good place for living are the central part and Karshiyaka, but in the last years the elite of the city is oriented to luxury estates in villages South of Plovdiv. Plovdiv is known with its international fair that has more than 100 years of history, and with his many acient landmarks, like the Rome amphitheatre.

The fourth by population in the country and second on the seaside is Bourgas. The Bourgas region is maybe the most – important economical region of the country because of the big port and the petrol refinery. In the last years the city has amazing development and is chosen for the best city for living in Bulgaria. Nearby are located the most – luxury and well known Bulgarian sea resorts: Sunny beach, Sozopol, Nessebar, Lozenetz, etc.

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    Hi, I would like to know if I can use one of your pictures, the one from Sofia or from Varna, is for my webpage, it’s for non commercial use, only to ilustrate a report from a project related with Bulgaria (we are a chilean university).

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