Removal to different places in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is small, but incredibly various country. When you take the decision for removal to Bulgaria, you must know what you exactly need and expect.

The best known part of the countries by the foreigners is the seaside. Of course, the Black sea beaches of Bulgaria are splendid, but there is much much more to be seen. Since the beginning of invasion of expats buying properties in Bulgaria, very popular are houses in cute villages on distance 30 – 50 kilometers from the seaside. they are much cheaper than the real estates on the seaside and suggest much more opportunities for calm life.

The situation with the winter ski resorts is similar – many foreigners choose houses in villages not far from the big winter resorts, for the same reason as above. Living in small village in the Bulgarian mountains can be very cute. If you want to be close to the biggest ski resorts, search properties in the provinces of Smolya, Plovdiv, Sofia and Blagoevgrad.

In North Bulgaria preferred provinces for buying of village houses are Veliko Tarnovo, Gabrovo and Lovech. The reason is the near bog mountain of Stara Planina and many historical and cultural monuments: Tcarevetz, Arbanasi, Bozhentzi, Etara, Troyan monastery, etc.

Going more on North, Danube river forms the border line of Bulgaria with Romania. Bulgaria suggests more and more wonders on North too: from Baba Vida fortress in the town of Vidin on west, to the palace in Balchik and the beautiful sea capital Varna on East. Maybe the best way to find your place in Bulgaria is toget a car and drive through the whole country. It will not take long, like all beautiful things, Bulgaria is small.

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