Removal to Sofia

Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria, the largest city, the administrative, economical, cultural, etc. center of the country. So, if you relocate to Bulgaria because of business reason, most likely it will be to Sofia.

The best Bulgarian removal company Moving.BG is located in Sofia too, so you can receive along with the perfect international moving service continuous small local removal services.
The best and luxurious places for living in Sofia are located in the areas of Iztok, Ivan Vazov, Lozenetz. These are the living areas with most expensive real estates.

What if you don’ t like the urban way of life? The decision is in the villages surrounding Sofia, some of them very cute, located in the surrounding mountains: Pancharevo, Bistritza, Lozen, Negushevo, etc. If you have a car and your working day is not too long, you can relocate your household to some of these villages and to travel to Sofia for work. It will cost some time, but is a decision if you want clean air and calmness for your family.

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