Rewarding Routes, Recommended for Walks in Sofia

If you happen to be a lover of on-foot tours in a foreign city, then Rewarding Routes, Recommended for Walks around the capital city of Sofia with sightseeing opportunities, are likely to include:

Sveta Nedelya Square, with the cathedral of the same name, and Sheraton Sofia-Hotel Balkan on the left hand side (assuming these as a starting point), – proceeding along Vitosha boulevard southward will provide a side view to Sadebnata Palata (Courts of Justice) on your right, – walking further along the same boulevard and across a stretch of a busy park will bring you up front the NDeKa (acronym for the National Palace of Culture and a possible place to call on for a short visit), – a U-turn and a couple of minutes walk will bring you back to the street crossing with traffic lights inviting you for a further stroll to the right, down Patriarch Evtimiy boulevard, then the right turn and a short time slow pace along Graf Ignatiev street will take you to a garden preceding Vassil Levski National Stadium, – next thing to come across on your way down the canal will be the four eagles of the Eagles’ Bridge – a left turn and your hike will continue along the tree-lined Tsar Osvoboditel boulevard; this time the Sofia University will be awaiting you on your right on the course of walk; further to the right the SS Cyril and Methodius National Library, with the National Academy of Arts on the left, opposite the library, – walking further down Vassil Levski boulevard will take you just in front of the Levski Pametnik, square and monument, – keep left to follow along Moskovska street and for a glimpse of the National Gallery of Foreign Arts, walk and look left again to see the Alexander Nevski Memorial church, the National Assembly (Parliament) along the path of advance, and the Monument to Tsar Osvoboditel opposite the Parliament, – if you still have time to kill, proceed to the right on the yellow cobble-pavement along Tsar Osvoboditel boulevard for an opportunity to see the Military Club flanking the boulevard; a right turn round the corner of the Military Club along Gueorgy Rakovski street, three hundred yards off or so, will surprise you with a view of the Monument to Ivan Vazov with his sitting figure and the Church of Sveta Nedelya (St. Nedelya) just behind the monument, – turn left to walk along Moskovska street again, but this time the National Art Gallery, with its yellow walls, will be looking at you through the garden on your left, followed by the building of Bulgarian National Bank when entering the outlines of the Largo, – further down the Largo and you’ll encounter the massive four-storied building of the Central Department Store (or TsUM for short) on the right-hand side; the Monument and statue of St Sofia atop facing you, will make you look left and see the Sveta Nedelya square, the starting point and a sure sign that your round-the-city-centre-tour has been completed. The hands of your wristwatch will have surely moved 2-3 hours or so ahead.

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