Rise of the export in January

The export from Bulgaria has a growth of 23.9 % in January 2013 accordingly to January 2012. We must have in mind the fact, that the truck transport from Bulgaria was blocked in the last January because of the heavy snow. This is data from the preliminary research of the National insurance institute.

It’s a good sign, that the data shows significant growth accordingly to December 2012, and it is not only for export outside EU but inside the union too. The growth of the export for EU is 17 %, for first time after five months. In January 2013 stocks for 3.5 billion BGN are imported from Bulgaria.

The export for third countries has a growth of 34.8 % in January this year accordingly to the same month in 2012. Its cost is 1.5 billion BGN. main export partners of Bulgaria outside EU are Turkey, China, Russia, Ukraine, Serbia and USA, which countries form 48 % of the export to non EU countries. The biggest rise of the export is noticed in the mineral fuels and oils – 78.2 %.

The import in Bulgaria has a growth of 6.4 % to 3.7 billion BGN in January. From third countries it has a growth of 21.2 % accordingly to January 2012 and is on cost 1.7 billion BGN. The biggest not EU import partners are Russia, Turkey, China and Ukraine. The trade deficit with not EU countries is 119 million BGN.

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