Rupite is a village in Southwest Bulgaria, near the towns of Petrich and Sandanski. Near this village there is very interesting area, also called Rupite. It is build near the last home of the world famous Bulgarian oracle Vanga. She is buried there too, near the church.

The area is famous with its hot mineral springs and the beautiful view. First there has been only the small house of Vanga, near swamps and cane. Now it is a beautiful complex surrounded by stone fence, with big church, paths, different threes and flower gardens, benches for resting, and of course, the mineral springs.

The legends say, that long ago there has been a developed city with huge population, buried by the volcano, and now is a center of cosmic energy. Never mind if you believe such things or not, this place will accumulate positive energy in you with its beauty and the curing power of the mineral water.

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