Rural tourism in Bulgaria

The best way to learn the traditions and the roots of Bulgaria is to visit its villages. Bulgaria is famous for its beautiful and virgin nature, tasty organic foods and wines and clean air in the province. While staying in a traditional Bulgarian country house, the tourists can experience the original Bulgarian life and culture. The hospitality of the village people, unique tasty food, the saved folklor, habits and crafts and the wonderful nature made this kind of tourism very popular in the last few years.

Ususally the tourists are met in a traditional house built in the XIX or XX century. The food is totally natural: vegetables and fruits gathered directly from the garden, meals cooked in traditional way with spices from the near meadows, and meat from the animals in the yard. Most of the village households have home made wine and rakia (traditional grape or fruit brandy) , which the natives proudly present to their guests.

Along with the gastronomic pleasure, the tourists can find many other interesting activities: horse riding, rock climbing, fishing, traditional farm work, etc.

The tourists can find guests houses for rural tourism in the whole country. In Stara planina mountain this tourism is quite developed: in the areas of Apriltci, Teteven, Troyan, Gabrovo, Tryavna, Veliko Tarnovo, Elena and other. In the Rhodopes mountain almost every village is used for such kind of tourism. You can combine the rural tourism with sea vacancy by accomodation in villages near the sea side and resorts; or with ski tourism if you choose the villages in the Rila, Pirin and Rhodopes mountains, where the biggest Bulgarian ski resorts are located: Borovetz, Bansko,Pamporovo.

In the different parts of the country the tourists can watch or even participate in the different traditional customs: Nestinarstvo (dancing over embers) , Kukeri, Trifon Zarezan, etc.

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