Save up to 10 000 EUR when buying property in Bulgaria

The rates of the houses in Sofia marked a growth of 1.46 % for the first six months of 2010, compared with the same period of 2009.
This was announced by Tzvetelina Tasseva, manager of “Address” real estate agency.
She announced that the house rates in the country have different movement, and the difference between the rates for selling and buying are small. The rate ‘s movement will be formed under the influence of the economic crisis.

Tasseva quoted a company analysis that shows a 2 – 7% rate growth of the houses for the last six months for some living areas of Sofia: Reduta, Ovcha Kupel, Mladost. In Dianabad and Slatina the rates have grown with more than 10 %. Discount of up to 11 % is marked in areas like Nadejda, Krasno Selo, Darvenitza, Vitosha.

The rates per square meter of houses in Sofia vary from 470 to 1062 EUR for the first half of 2010, the analysis shows. The lowest rates of houses are in Moderno Predgradie, Obelya and Ovcha Kupel. The highest rates of houses are in the areas Oborishte, Manastirski Livadi, Borovo and Studentski Grad.

The sum for renting of double room flat in the most areas of Sofia has been 250 EUR in the first half of the year. The areas that the rent rates have been between 200 and 300 EUR are even the center of the city and elite living quarters like Ivan Vazov, Borovo, Buckston, Lagera, Reduta, Manastirski Livadi, Dianabad. For the one – room flats the rates for renting are between 150 and 200 EUR per month. The rates for renting of 3 – room flats begin from 210 EUR for Lulin area, but do not grow over 400 EUR.

In May and June there is some movement in the market of the vacation real estates too. The buyers are most likely Russian citizens, searching for cheap properties near the sea. Most often they choose flats in Varna, Byala and Burgas. A small percent are the people able to invest up to 200 000 EUR, they search luxury properties on first line near the sea.

Accordingly to these statistics, one our fellow removal company has interesting proposal for foreign citizens planning to buy property in Bulgaria.

In case of future engagement for household removal to Bulgaria, Moving.BG Ltd. suggests finding of property with fixed commission of 1000 EUR.

With this proposal the customer will NOT pay additional commissions over the rate of the property, there will be no hidden charges over the rate (which trick is used for foreigners), and the required property will be searched only in Bulgarian web sites by Bulgarian citizens , well informed with the local market.

The company suggests varied search of property accordingly to the customer’s requirements, visits, documents clearing and all kind of service.

Check out and save five to ten thousand EUR of expenditures with Moving.BG.

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