Sinemorec – wild oasis at South

The village of Sinemorec is one of the last wild places at the Bulgarian seaside. It is located on a peninsula South from the outflow of Veleka river and 5 km. south from Ahtopol town.

Not far from Sinemorec there have been found ceramic fragments from 4 – 5th century B.C. and from the middle ages, during underwater researches. During another underwater researches there have been found anchors and lead lining of ancient ship. On the peninsula there are Thracian funeral tombs and a small fortress.

The oldest document for Sinemorec dates from 1498, and includes 19 families for salt trading. In the beginning of the 17th century we can find the village in the tax register of Anhialo district. After the Liberation the village remains in Turkey, but is reconnected to Bulgaria after the Balkan war.

North of the village is located the outflow of Veleka river, that flows into a large sea gulf. The estuary of the river forms a beautiful sand strip, which is the Northern beach of Sinemorec. Southeast of the village is located the Sveti Yan gulf with a fisher’s pier, ant the rocky terrain called The Ships, the legend says, that in old times the old and unnecessary ships have been destroyed there on the rocks.

East from Sinemorec in the higher part of the peninsula is located the terrain called Polianit (the meadows), now covered with new built hotels. South of it is located Butamiata bay – the south beach of Sinemorec.

The territory South of Sinemorec until Rezovo village is called Silistar and is protected area. The terrain is seaside wet zone with typical dense forest. There are nests of rear and preserved birds.

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