Sofia – Belgrad highway construction

Highway connection between Belgrad and Sofia should be top priority in regards to the economc relations between Bulgaria and Serbia. Bulgaria’s president George Parvanov said that at the Balkan economic assembly in Sofia.

The route is part of the European corridor No.10, which is financed by the EU. Bulgarian properties officials promised to insist on a fund increase by the European Commission. Both countries, however, will still need to provide additional 250 million euro for the construction of the highway. Parvanov reminded that this is not difficult and can be done quickly by both governments.

There are many Bulgarian investors in Serbia, mainly occupied in production outlets. Increasing interest in Serbia’s energy sector has also been registered recently. Business representatives have also asked for solving the visa regulations and making the procedures quicker and easier.

Sophisticated visa procedures caused a decrease in the number of Serbian tourists last summer, after Bulgaria became a member of the EU and started applying strict requirements for non-EU Balkan citizens.

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