Sofia’s new ring road behind schedule!

Land-plot alienation and changes to the original route cause the delay in the construction schedule of Sofia’s new ring road. Protracting the expropriation procedures has now led to a six-month delay of construction works, announced Evgeni Marinov, executive manager of Glavbolgarstroy, one of the biggest Bulgarian construction and engineering company.

Glavbolgarstroy (member of the Youg consortium) was contracted to build the new ring road extension. The project cost is estimated at 40 million leva.

Construction works can be completed by the end of the year only in case the contractor manages to catch up and finish the necessary procedures as soon as possible.

The delay was due mainly to the law suits related to the land plots which are lying on the route of the road. Marinov denyed that the project will be further delayed because of the civil claims, filed by landowners against the National Road Infrastructure Fund because of the late compensation payments. It is said that the Road Fund owes landowners a total of 12 million leva.

According to the new design of the road, it will have three lanes and additional two transit ones because of the numerous petrol and gas stations.

Marinov also said that there was one more problem which came up unexpected. All waters from melting snow and rainfalls on Vitosha Mountain practically pours onto the road. Therefore, Glavbolgarstroy’s engineers had to build household water and drainage systems, which should be city’s responsibility.

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