Sokolski Monastery

Sokolski Monastery is located 15 kilometers Southeast from Gabrovo in area called Sokolova cave. The location and the name of its founder Yosif Sokolski give this name to the monastery.

The monastery is found in 1833 by Yosif Sokolski and yeromonah Agapiy. They both have chosen the stone terrace in front of Sokolova cave to be place for the new monastery and carved a space for a church into the rock. The church is small and wooden and nearby is built wooden house for living. Everything is ready in January 1833 and is sanctified by Ilarion Kritski in August 1834.

The recent church is built in 1834, and the interior and exterior murals ate painted by priest Pavale and his son Nikolay. The whole monastery including the murals is renovated not long ago with aid by the European Union funds. The whole monastery complex is completed during the National Revival with the help of inhabitants of Gabrovo and the surrounding villages.

Like most monasteries, Sokolski monastery is connected with the fights for freedom of the Bulgarian nation. On 1st of May 1876 the monastery is a rallye point for the Gabrovo participants of the April rebell, led by Tzanko Dyustabanov.

The easiest access is from Gabrovo with car, there are enough signs in the area.

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