Some advices about how to save some money when furnishing our new home

Look for stores with wide range, direct manufacturers and importers
In addition to having a wide range, these places can offer you a discount made by turnover or the purchase of several products. Тhe experience shows that in ten random shop where I ask you, although there was declared off to me confirm that I will do so in between 7% and 2% of the purchase.
Tip: Be active, ask for discounts, free delivery and installation, specify the exact parameters. Fight for better conditions.

Make some compromise with the time to save Money
I ordered a door from the store, for which usually takes four months to produce, deliver and install them. But on the other side, however, got pretty good quality at a very decent price.
If you engage a carpenter to produce furniture or doors also will usually take longer, but more likely to give less, but also – to have furniture produced to your taste and realities of your home.

Do not buy designer furniture, ask some carpenter to make them by photo
If the budget is the key, we can miss the expensive furniture, but do not have to choose faceless design. You can find a good master of furniture and give hem detailed instructions and photo of what you want. The real professionals will even advise you what can be improved in the plan and give you additional valuable insights.

Leave emotions aside and determine primary from secondary priorities in any premises
Although we want all our furniture to look like in the magazine, must still determine our priorities. Priority must be always the functionality. For example, in the bedroom the most important thing is comfort in bed – that’s why the mattress is a top priority, the remaining stuff do not insist such a lot of money.

Make highlights from cheaper materials, not expensive
The image of a room can be changed most by the cheapest elements of the interior – paint, colored cushions, things purchased on sale, candles. Do not be afraid to take one thing and to repaint it, to accent with a dark wall, or put a mirror on some unusual location.

Ask, ask, ask…
A very important point is to ask not only about price, but for all other additional expenses for repair and purchase of furniture: is the price only for masters or labor or includes materials and removal of waste from maintenance, is the price of the furniture only for manufacturing or assembly, transport and uploading to your floor are included and many other examples.

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