Some advices for the relocation

A relocation to Bulgaria could be a good or a bad choice. It depends on many things. So here are some advices how to make it a good choice and not to sorry for your decision.

The first thing is the choice of property. Unfortunately, if you are foreigner and don’ t know the things in the country, many real estate agents will try to foist you some property with problems. Before you buy, try to live in the area for rent some time. Look around for some details: how are the neighbors, is there large gypsy population… How’ s the water supplying, is there drainage system… If the property is near a river, check if the tray is in good condition. Also, be sure that in the area are no thermal power plants, open coal mines or factories- at all industries that damage the environment.
Also, it will be good if the nearest possible town where you can get health care, shopping, etc. is not very far.

The second thing is to choose services- like reconstruction of the property (if needed) , furnishing, etc. Ask the local people to advice best opportunities, but ask different people, so you can get the picture. You can get cheap and good or expensive and bad service- that’ s a matter of luck, but not only.

The third thing is the choice of a removal company- depends on your financial possibilities you can relocate by yourself or by using of moving company. The second way is much easies and safe for you and your personal effects, but like every good thing costs money. The big international companies are very expensive, and most of the local Bulgarian companies are not reliable. The perfect balance is company like Moving.BG – a reliable Bulgarian removal company that provides good quality on reasonable rates.

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