Spa services in Bulgaria

Bulgaria has unique possibilities for developing of the spa tourism. Here are about 600 mineral springs, well known and used from the times of the Roman empire. The country already is important part of the European spa map. This is the fastest developing part of the tourist industry.

Maybe the most famous and developed Bulgarian spa center is the town of Hissar.

The town is established by the Roman emperor Diocletian 17 centuries ago, who relocated to live there because of the precious healing qualities of the mineral water. In the all long years the water and the land have been attracting a lot of tribes: Thracians, Romans, Bulgarians… and all they have left part of their culture there. Now, along with the rich history, the town is modern spa center with a lot of new hotels and attractions.

In fact, the whole territory of Bulgaria is full with mineral springs. Quality and modern spa centers can be found in different other places: Varshetz, Kyustendil, Pavel Banya, Sandanski, Devin, etc.

The city of Sofia is maybe the only capital in the world with mineral springs in the city center. The mineral waters have been used for the public bath in the past.

All signs lead to the thought that the spa services in Bulgaria will become better and better in the close future.

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