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I’m writing from portal. We are leading real estate portal group in Europe. I have found Your website and I was impressed how many amazing Bulgarian properties You have.

So I would like to propose for Your agency to advertise Your Bulgarian properties in our portal and become more visible world wide, also generate wide group of buyers each day, because 85% of our wide range visitors are concrete people reaching for real estate. We propose great conditions and publicity for You. If You will be interested just write to me and i will give You more information about this collaboration.

Sorry, if You get our offer several times. We send information from several e-mails because there are a lot of spam and we want that our proposal could reach You.
Please write me Your answers to
Looking forward to hear from you soon.

Best regards,
Ms. Justina Danileviciute
Skype: Juste77128

Please, stop spam us! We are not real estate agency and we DO NOT have Bulgarian property offers. We have received this e-mail more than 10 times!

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