Sunny Beach – your place or not?

Sunny Beach is the biggest and most – popular Bulgarian sea resort, with more than 200 hotels and over 300 000 beds. The resort is open in the year of 1959 and until 1988 there have been 7 699 100 tourists. In the 90’s begun massive building works, that destroyed the wonderful nature, dunes, etc. Right now Sunny beach is an overpopulated concrete jungle with very poor access to the sea.

This is no more your family resort, or the place where you can find peace and relax. Sunny Beach means bars, discotheques, loud music, loud and drunk young people day and night the whole summer.

So, if you’re 19 years old; or you want to have a little fun out of home and family, Sunny Beach is your place. You can have booze, sex and other wicked joys easy and not too expensive. But this is not the place when you want to bring the family – you don’t want your children to play between drunken teenagers, naked girls, drug dealers, etc. Also, this is not the place to relax from the big city – Sunny Beach is more urbanized than any other place in Bulgaria, it is useless to run from one concrete place to other. There are still enough quite and nice places with preserved nature on the Bulgarian sea side. As a part of your vacation in these places, you can always “taste” the life in Sunny Beach for night or two.

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