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The village of Krushuna is located on the North end of Stara Planina mountain, 34 kilometers East from the province center Lovech. It is part of Letnitza municipality and is located on the middle flood of Osum river. In the … Continue reading

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Viewing trip of Bulgarian properties

It’s 5 on the morning, late autumn. We are staying at the airport in Sofia waiting for our new clients, yesterday we told good bye to the previous. What am I thinking about? Stressed by expectation to meet the new … Continue reading

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About Lovech region in Bulgaria

Lovech region is situated in the central part of Northern Bulgaria and includes a total of 8 municipalities – Lovech, Troyan, Teteven, Lukovit, Ugarchin, Yablanitsa, Letnitsa and Apriltsy. It covers the northern slopes of the Central Balkan Mountain, the Devetashko … Continue reading

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