The avenue of luxury actual again

There is a key word for every merchant, and this key word is called crowd. The intensive human traffic on some streets, bus stops, subways and malls in most cases means good sells and the properties there attract the merchants. Since some months the Sofia’s street Vitosha is such a place again.


After months of reconstruction, dust and competition with the new malls, now the most prestigious street in Sofia is alive, full with shops, bars and people. Accordingly with the more reasonable rate rents, logically many big brands returned their look to this street.

At this moment the big brands don’t have much success. The free spaces on the street that cover their requirements are quite limited. But there are some examples. After H&M in the last year, in this year brands like Sport Depot, Punto and United Colors of Benetton opened shops on the street.

Like most representatives of the brands will say, the effect from opening objects on this street is mostly for the image, as Vitosha avenue becomes the most prestigious place in Sofia again.

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