The boulevard of offices

In the ancient times the cities have been forming near the main roads. Now is something like that – in Sofia the building investors have some favorite places. In the beginning it was Bulgaria boulevard – the first luxury office buildings with glass surfaces appeared in the 90’s. Maybe because of the high rates, or maybe because of the missing terrains the investors in the last time removed their interest to another place: Tzarigradsko shausse. With much bigger projects.

The bad part of it is that the economic development turned down and the office spaces now are much more than the needful.

A research of the Colliers consulting company shows that in the last month of 2010 the office spaces in Sofia are with area of 1 300 000 sq. meters, and in the second half of the year have appeared new 150 000 sq. meters. The big growth is mainly because of the opening of new office buildings right on this boulevard, like Mega Park of the Austrian company Soravia. The deals with offices are made again mainly for buildings located on Tzarigradsko shausse boulevard.

The reasons? – Cheaper and better. A lot of companies still pay rent on the levels before the crisis. Many of them realize that can get more comfortable working environment for less expenditures. The managers of the new office buildings give different bonuses to the renters: free office removal ,using for free at the first year of the contract, etc. The good access to all points of the city is plus too, and it will be much better after the finishing of the metro station at the Expo center on Tzarigradsko shausse. Another advantage is the good visual, that an office on the busiest road can give.

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