The Bulgarian National Revival

The Bulgarian National Revival is a period of social and economical uprising and rebuilding of the Bulgarian nation in the Ottoman empire. It begins in the 18th century and continues until the liberation of Bulgaria in 1878. This is a period of total changes in all spheres: society, economics, culture and politics.

The changes in culture and religion are in both directions: New Bulgarian educational movement and the battle for independent church. The aim is liberation of the education and culture from the Greek influence and making the basis of new material and spirit culture.

The deep changes in the society lead to forming of the Bulgarian nation. It forms in the ethnic borders including Misia, Thrakia and Macedonia with people with one language, consciousness, culture and traditions.

By many sources the revival begins with Paisiy Hilendarski and his book Istoriya Slavyanobolgarskaya. The processes end with the liberation of Bulgaria in 1878, other sources say that they continue until the both Balkan wars.

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