The Golden Age Of Bulgaria

The period of culrural zenith of Bulgaria during the ruler Tzar Simeon I – The Great is called the golden age of Bulgaria.
Along with the relations with Byzantia and the victories on the battlefield, Simeon had real success in the rule of the state. The capital Preslav has been built in Byzantian style as an oponent of Constantinople. A chronicle says, that the capital has been built 28 years.

The period between 893 to 927 A.D. when Simeon the Great rules the First Bulgarian kingdome is called golden age because of the cultural, political and economical rise of the country. Bulgaria reaches three seas: Black Sea, Adriatic Sea and White sea.

Along with the political success, for three decades Bulgaria reaches the highest European levels in the culture, art and education. The Bulgarians already have own alphabete and autonomous Christian Orthodoxal church.

With having own alphabete and religion, the Bulgarians form as one strong and autonomous society, that will survive in the following hard centuries.

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