The half of all property deals are made in five Bulgarian cities

In five of the Bulgarian provinces are made the half of all deals with real estates in the country – Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas and Veliko Tarnovo. These are the regions with growth of population accordingly to the just finished counting. 55 – 60 % of all property deals are made in these five cities.

These will be the regions with growth of the real estates market in the following years. During the period of rising the market was strongly influenced by the foreign investors, but in the future the demographic processes will be the main factor determining the real estate rates and the movement in the market.

Sofia holds one quarter of the property deals. In Plovdiv and Varna are made 10 % of the deals, in Burgas – 4 – 7 %, in Veliko Tarnovo – 3 %. These are the cities with most expensive properties. In the past year the highest average rate per square meter of living area was not in the biggest city Sofia – 1568 BGN, but in Varna – 1579 BGN. In Burgas this rate is 1196 BGN, in Plovdiv – 1036 BGN.

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