The market of luxury properties is stabilizing

The deals with luxury real estates are getting steady and on the levels of the last year, say some data from real estate agencies. The rates are stable, there is small charge of the sales and almost double deals for renting of flats and houses.

The luxury property deals in Sofia are mainly for houses in the living areas Boyana and Dragalevtzi. The deals this year are on rates from 400 000 to 600 000 EUR.

There is rising of the deals from 100 000 to 200 000 EUR too. The rates of the luxury property sales are 1000 – 1300 EUR per square meter. In the most prestigious areas in Sofia – Doktorska Gradina and Ivan Vazov, the rates reach 2000 EUR per square meter.

For renting are preferred luxury houses in Boyana, luxury flats in Doktorska Gradina and Lozenetz. The average renting rate of these properties is 7 EUR per square meter monthly.

Usually the buyers of luxury properties do not rely on outside finances, but on own money. These clients are mainly managers in international companies and people with own business. The profit from renting from these kind of properties – 6.5 % is similar to the bank deposit interests.

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