The new flats – less and smaller

Less and smaller properties are allowed in exploitation in the last three months of 2012 accordingly to the last three months of 2011. From October to December are open 692 new buildings, 21.6 % less than one year before. The average living space is 5 % less too.

The average space of one new flat is 82.9 square meters compared to average space 86.3 square meters one year before.

Most new buildings in the last three months of 2012 are allowed in exploitation in the provinces of Varna – 132, Burgas – 95 and Sofia – 80.

The biggest average space of new flats is measured in the provinces of Gabrovo – 136.5 square meters and Sofia (city) – 125.6 square meters. The smallest flats are in the provinces of Vratza- 56.5 square meters, and Lovech – 66.9 square meters.

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