The new metro line influences the property deals in Sofia

A new tendention in 2012 will be the moving of the deals with properties in the far living quarters of Sofia, where the new metro line will reach in this summer. The expected charge of deals in this areas is 15 %, and the main reason is the new opportunity for transport. The Sofia living quarters Nadezhda, Druzhba and Banishora will become more and more attractive for the buyers because of the opportinities that gives the new metro line opening there in this year.

An evidence for this is the activity of deals in the living quarter Nadezhda, that reaches the deals level of Mladost. In Lozenetz the end of the building works combined with the new metro stations will help this area to return the old glory neither the problems with the parking there.

The parts of Druzhba living quarter that are close to Tcarigradsko Chausse blvd. will have access to the metro after few months. The infrastructure of this area is very good, with many stores and spaces for the children. The clients become to estimate this area as not prestigious, but comfortable choice.

With the new 12 lines of the city transport many people can travel to any metro staion just for minutes, and after that very quickly to the center of Sofia. So many places like some villages, that were not useful for living of families with children, now will become attractive too.

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